Donate to the EGGS Foundation Fund

The EGGS Foundation Fund was established to ensure every EGGS student and teacher has access to opportunities.

The fund currently assists with such items and activities not included in the school budget but are necessary to maintaining high standards and opportunities for which EGGS bases its reputation. 

The ultimate goal of this fund is to be is a position to assist more students and teachers at each application round. The current range of each grant is $100 - $400. We would love to be in a position to fully fund some of the incredible projects that are presented to us.  With your support, we can achieve this.

We need your help to continue to meet these challenges while providing the students with the best learning environment possible. Every dollar raised is used to enrich the school and lives of our students in pursuit of their passion.

Please help impact the educational experience of students and teachers with a tax deductible donation. 

Past donors include: Barfoot & Thompson, Dame Judith Potter, Lady Joyce Fisher and Raye Freedman

To see past recipients of this fund, please click here